Lake Fishing in Iceland in 2020 – Many anglers fish nearly only in lakes. If you are one of those anglers, we have some great lakes for you to fish in here in Iceland. Some rivers in Iceland are fly only, but in most lakes you can fish with Fly, spinner/lure and even bait. In most lakes in Iceland you can find brown trout and arctic char. In some lakes in Iceland you can even find sea trout and salmon. A great time to fish Icelandic lakes for brown trout and char is late May to late July.

We offer fishing trips to some of the very best lakes in Iceland. Anglers can choose if they want to have a guide with them while fishing, or if they do a self guided trip. Up in the highland we have many great lakes and highland fishing is very popular in Iceland. At many of the lakes you can find cabins or small cottages but at most of them, camping is the only option.

Prices for lake fishing are different from one lake to the next. Most lakes are private here in Iceland and prices for permits at a really good lake, can be high. At lake Thingvallavatn we have areas that are very good and give anglers a chance to catch the trophy trout that the lake is known for.

One very good option here in Iceland, if you want to fish in lakes in Iceland, is to buy what we call the “Fishing card”. The Fishing card gives you the right to fish in 35 lakes all over Iceland. The fishing card is very economical option if you want to fish on your way around Iceland. It cost only about Eur. 65 pr. angler.

In Icelandic lakes you can mainly find brown trout and arctic char. At few lakes we have sea trout, but very few have salmon.

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