Brown trout at lake thingvellir – If you are planning a fishing trip to Iceland, there is one area you should definitely consider adding to your trip, and that is Lake Thingvallavatn.

Lake Thingvellir lies in a rift valley that extends south from the Langjokull glacier to mount Hengill, and from Botnssulur in the west to Lyngdalsheiði in the east. Lake Þingvallavatn is the largest natural lake in Iceland, about 84 square kilometres, at an altitude of about 100 metres above sea level. The deepest part of the lake measures 114 metres, which means that it reaches below sea level. In Lake Thingvallavatn lives three of the five species of freshwater fish found in Iceland: Brown trout, Arctic charr and the three-spine stickleback. All though fighting the powerfull Arctic Char is great fun it is the brown trout that most anglers come for.

The brown trout can be found all over the lake, specially early in the season, but there are few areas that are better than others. If you are on your way to Iceland to fish, we do reccommend you spend 1 or 2 days at the lake, chasing the big Brown trout that can be found up to 15 kg. and over 100 cm long. As we said before, some areas are better than other areas at the lake. There are areas where you can catch the trout all through the season from late April until mid September.

In big part of the lake, you can only fish with Fly and fly rods, but for some areas it is allows to fish with spinners and bait from 1st of June.

If you are interested in a fishing trip or day tour to Lake Thingvallavatn, just contact us for options and availability. Best time to come for the Big Brown Trout at lake Thingvellir is from late April until late June, but July, August and September can also be very good at some areas at the lake.

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