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Guided fishing tours and custom made luxury fishing trips in Iceland

We offer guided fishing tours to many lakes and rivers in Iceland and longer fishing trips to Iceland. We offer fly fishing tours, Spin fishing tours as well as bait fishing tours in Iceland. We offer freshwater fishing, sea fishing and Shore fishing.

The fishing in freshwater in Iceland is mostly for brown trout, arctic char and Atlantic Salmon. Most day tours vary from 8 to 10 hours but we also offer longer tours. Inclusive in the price of a day tour is pick up/drop off from hotels and guesthouses in Reykjavik area, private guiding, transfer, fishing permits, fishing equipment and light refreshments.


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  • Fishing tours from Reykjavik

Fishing tours from Reykjavik – Brown Trout and Char

May 6th, 2018|0 Comments

Fishing tours from Reykjavik – Most people that come to Iceland spend big part of their time in south west Iceland, close to Reykjavik. In that area we have many good rivers and lakes, both brown trout, arctic char and salmon rivers and lakes. Anglers.is offers fishing trips and day tours for anglers that are staying in the

River Jokla – salmon fishing in Iceland

April 26th, 2018|0 Comments

Jokla rivers are one of the best salmon area in Iceland. The Jökla salmon & trout fishing area is a combined fishery involving five rivers located in north east of Iceland. The rivers are Fögruhlíðará, Kaldá, Laxá, Fossá as well as the Jökla river. It only takes about five minutes to drive from one river to the

  • Lake Heidarvatn

Lake fishing in Iceland

April 16th, 2018|0 Comments

Lake Fishing in Iceland - Many anglers fish nearly only in lakes. If you are one of those anglers, we have some great lakes for you to fish in here in Iceland. Some rivers in Iceland are fly only, but in most lakes you can fish with Fly, spinner/lure and even bait. In most lakes in Iceland

In Iceland we have many great rivers and lakes


Life’s better when you are fishing.

We can make your dream of fishing in Iceland come true, your next fishing adventure is just around the corner.


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I and my adult son are experienced fishermen, but were first timers in Iceland. We passed our wish list for a one week fishing trip to Kristinn Ingolfsson at Anglers.is. He put together an exciting fishing trip all included: fishing permits, accommodation, exact maps, excellent briefing, very competent guide for the first day, etc. We got what we wanted and much more, including plenty of fish and excitement. Truly professional and caring customer experience!

July 2017, Anglers.is - Fishing in Iceland - Trout and Char trip

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The trip of a lifetime spent with great company salmon fishing the west ranga in Iceland. Our guides Kristinn and Ollie were simply the best, the lodge modern and the staff very polite, helpful and cheery. All in all a fantastic 5 days fishing highly recommended.

Ian (July 2016), Anglers.is - Fishing in Iceland - West Ranga