Salmon Fishing in Iceland – West and East Ranga

Our salmon season started here in Iceland in June, like always. We are now experiencing one of the driest and sunniest summers in Iceland history, and that has resulted in smaller runs of salmon up many rivers, because of lack of water. But that is not the case for all rivers. Rivers like West

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Fishing and Sightseeing in Iceland

Are you on your way to Iceland, for a short holiday, with your family or friends? Would you like to fish for 1 day and also us that day for exploring and sightseeing? We offer a day tour that does all that. We call this day tour The "Golden Circle Fishing Tour". On the

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River and lake permits in Iceland

If you are on your way to Iceland, we can help you find a permit/licence to fish in any river or Lake in Iceland. Salmon permits, trout permits and Char permits. Anglers.is is one of the largest independent seller of fishing permits in Iceland today. We can help you find what you are looking

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Brown Trout Fishing in Iceland

Brown Trout fishing in Iceland – In Iceland we have many of the better Brown trout rivers you can find in Europe. While total number of salmon rivers in Iceland are over 100, total number of brown trout and arctic char rivers are well over 200.  Many Icelandic anglers fish for brown trout and char

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