2020 fishing season has started in Iceland

First day of the fishing season was yesterday here in Iceland, on April 1st. It is still very cold and we have some snow on the ground. The weather forecast is telling us that spring will arrive little bit later than we have been used to, for the past few years. The vicious virus

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Fishing for Arctic Char in Iceland

Fishing for Arctic Char in Iceland – Arctic char are the most common freshwater fish in Iceland. They are found in rivers and lakes all over the island. The Arctic char is closely related to both salmon and lake trout, and has many characteristics of both. The fish is highly variable in color, depending

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Fishing in lakes in Iceland in 2020

Lake Fishing in Iceland in 2020 – Many anglers fish nearly only in lakes. If you are one of those anglers, we have some great lakes for you to fish in here in Iceland. Some rivers in Iceland are fly only, but in most lakes you can fish with Fly, spinner/lure and even bait. In

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Salmon Fishing in Iceland in 2020

Our salmon season here in Iceland is coming to an end. It has not been the best of seasons, but we had some great days never the less. Here are few pics from West and East Ranga. We have now started to take booking for the 2020 season - If you are interested in

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