Fishing Permits in Iceland

Fishing permits in Iceland

Icelandic Rivers and Lakes – Salmon, Trout and Arctic Char

Fishing Permits in Iceland – If you are on your way to Iceland, we can help you find a permit/licence to fish in any river or Lake in Iceland. Salmon permits, Trout permits and Char permits. is one of the largest independent seller of fishing permits in Iceland today. We can help you find what you are looking for and we can help you plan your trip to Iceland. Fly fishing, spin fishing or bait fishing. Every river in Iceland is private and we sell only limited nr of permits for each river, each day – permits are issued on daily basis. For most rivers, you need to book and buy permits in advance.

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Custom made fishing trips

We at have over 30 years experience in fishing and guiding in Icelandic rivers and lakes. We can assist you if you are planning a fishing trip to Iceland. We can offer a range of different options for anglers to choose from, depending on what kind of fishing, the level of service and luxury you need and whether you like to go trout, Charr or Salmon fishing.

  • Guided trips – Just give us your preferences and we will send you our suggestion for a great fishing trip in Iceland.
  • Self guided trips – If you want go fishing on your own in Iceland, but you need some ideas where to go, we can help you. We will plan the trip with you and apply you with the permits and accommodation you need.
  • Highland Fishing – Camping in the highlands in the bright summer night and fishing day or night, is unforgettable. We can take you there.
  • Day Tours – If you are visiting Iceland as a tourist, we can still take you fishing. We offer day tours from Reykjavik area and south of Iceland. Just let us know when you want to go.

Fishing card (Veidikortid)

Fishing Permits in Iceland – The Fishing card 2018″ (Veidikortid 2018) – is a very economic choice for fishermen and travelers. With The fishing card you can fish almost as much as you like in 35 lakes all around Iceland. Only a few lakes are open all year, but most of those stay open appr. between May 1st and September 30th.

The Fishing card 2018 package includes a brochure in Icelandic, but with basic information in English, with all general information regarding the lakes, maps and travel.

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