Svarta River – We have many very good Brown Trout Rivers in Iceland. Some, or most of them are located in north part of the Island. Many of them are known for the number of brown trout that are caught each year, while others are known for the size of the Brown Trout that lives in them. Svarta River is one of the rivers that is known for the size of the fish, but not the numbers.

Svarta river in Skagafjordur is located approx. 300 km north from Reykjavik, in north west part of Iceland. Svarta is fished with max 4-6 rods pr. day and it is a Fly only river.  Svarta River has approx. 20 km of great looking Brown Trout water so each angler has plenty of space and water to fish.

Svarta river in Skagafjordur is not known for the number of fish the live in the water system, but it is know for the size of the fish. In recent summers, lot of fish in the weight range from 3-8 pounds have been caught and of course, many smaller fish as well. On a good day, fishing with Dry Flies is the way to go. On other days, nymphs are most productive or even streamers. For anglers that are ready to work hard, Svarta river can be very rewarding. Anglers can fish River Svarta unguided, but we would always recommend a guide, at least for the first day.

Fishing starts at River Svarta on June 1st and last day of the season is September 15th. If you want to fish river Svarta, please send us an email or fill out our contact form. We will try to get back to you as soon as we can.

Here below you can find few pictures from last few seasons at Svarta River. The fish you see on those pictures are from approx. 55-75 cm long or approx. 3 1/2 to 8 pounds in weight.

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