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Self guided fishing in Iceland

Self guided fishing in Iceland – In Iceland we have great numbers of brown trout, char and salmon rivers, but all those rivers are Private. Icelandic anglers as well as anglers that come to Iceland to fish, from abroad, they need permits to fish those rivers. The owners of the rivers in Iceland decide the price for permits for those rivers. Permits are issued on daily basis and we sell only limited nr of permits for each river, each day. If you want to come to Iceland to fish, you usually need to plan each day well in advance.

Each year, we customize self guided fishing trips for many groups that come to Iceland to fish. Many of them hire a guide for one or two day in beginning of the trip, but fish self guided from there. At some Salmon rivers in Iceland, you do have to have a guide with you when you fish, but at most trout and char rivers you can choose if you have a guide with you or not.

If you want to do a self guided fishing trip to Iceland, you should send us as much information about what kind of trip you are looking for: how many days, how many anglers, what kind of fishing, what kind of accommodation etc. It is also always good to have some idea of the budget you have for the trip. We will then send you one or more suggestions for you to take a look at. You can fill out this contact form here.

To get the most out of a fishing trip to Iceland, having a guide with you, full time, can change a lot. Also, just by having a guide for the first 1 or 2 days, can change the trip. But when you choose a self guided fishing trip, we try to provide as good information about the rivers and lakes as we can. We will give you detailed information about how to get from one area to the next. If a map exists over the area, we will provide that and we will give you good information about the best fishing technique for each river and lake.

We have many great rivers and lakes for those who would like to fish self guided in Iceland. Rivers like Svarta, Reykjadalsa, Holaa are great options. Please contact us for more information about what option we have for you and your group. Please fill out this form here.

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