Our salmon season started here in Iceland in June, like always. We are now experiencing one of the driest and sunniest summers in Iceland history, and that has resulted in smaller runs of salmon up many rivers, because of lack of water. But that is not the case for all rivers. Rivers like West Ranga and East Ranga have very stable source of water. Fishing started at East Ranga on June 15th and West Ranga on June 20th.

The start of the season has been normal/good at both Ranga rivers, but little bit better in the east, than the west. Now we are coming close to the time when we can expect to see bigger runs of fish come up from the sea but for both rivers, prime time is from late July until Late August. We have still 2 rods available at West Ranga from August 25-28th – contact us for more information about those rods.

We have started to prepare for the 2020 season – if you are interested in coming to Iceland, next year, to fish, please contact us for prices, dates and other information.

Here are few pictures from the start of the season.