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Project Description

Laxa in Kjos River

Location: 30km from Reykjavik.
Season: 15 June – 1 September.
Prime time: Early July – mid August.
Extent: 25km, double bank, 80 pools.
Average Catches: 6 year(2013-2018), 964 salmon.
Rods: 4 – 10.
Lodge: Full service.

The Laxa in Kjos is the centerpiece of one of the most stunning glacially-forged valleys in southern Iceland. A narrow upper canyon splays into a gentle, peaceful, arable valley before cascading down the final falls and pools into the sea.

Amazingly, this exceptional river and its beautiful Bugda tributary can be reached within an hour’s drive from Reykjavik and one-and-a half hour’s drive from Keflavik International Airport.
The river is one of the countries top producers and it never falls out of the top ten listings. Besides being a first-class Salmon river, it also has a very substantial run of good-sized sea trout, some straying into the 8 to 10 pound class. It goes without saying that the sea trout add another exciting angle to these intimate and exhilarating rivers.

There are over 70 named pools in Laxa but there is also a small tributary named Bugda that joins Laxa just above the lodge. Bugda has about 13 named pools and is a fantastic fly fishing river that is easily accessible for anyone.

lodge-in-kjosLaxa in Kjos was treated to a new fisherman’s lodge that was completed just prior to the 2007 season. The Kjos Lodge, overlooking the Klingenberg pool, gazing down-river to the legendary Laxfoss, was immediately recognized as one of the finest fishing lodges in Iceland. It is a large attractive lodge with a central gathering area and relaxing in style as would be fit a holiday. Each angler has their own spacious, quiet and well-appointed en-suite bedroom with a river view and a second bed should they choose to rod-share as is often common in Iceland. The Kjos Lodge also boasts a large wader/drying room and the convenience of being able to provide rods, reels and other loan equipment if needed.

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E-mail: info@anglers.is
Tel: +354 897 3443