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Project Description

Laxa in Dölum river

Location: Close to Town Budardalur, west coast. 2 hours drive from Reykjavik.
Season: July 1st – sept 30th.
Prime time: Early July – mid August.
Extent: 25 km.
Average Catches: 1225 salmon.
Rods: 4-6.
Lodge: Full service part of the season and self catering part of the season.
The Lodge has six bedrooms, each room with two beds and a bathroom wit a shower.
Notes: Fly only.

River Laxa in Dölum is one of the best salmon river in Iceland. The average catch pr. rod is among the highest in Iceland. Laxa is only fished with 4-6 rods. It is about 25 km long so anglers have lot of space for them selves. The Laxa river in Dölum is a medium sized river with a fair volume of fish and numerous multi-winter salmons are caught every year. Many pools are deep and very clear like in many Icelandic Rivers. All the pools are easily accessible by car and there is no difficulty for the anglers to reach the waters, or to fish it.

Contact info

E-mail: info@anglers.is
Tel: +354 897 3443