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Project Description

Laxa in Ásum River

Location: Some 270 kilometers north from Reykjavik.
Notes: Fly only
Season: Short season – only 82 days
Lodge: First class lodge with 4 ensuite bedrooms
Average catch: Best 30 year average catch per rod in Iceland

The Laxá in Ásum is one of those names that feature in any salmon fisherman’s top ten rivers in the world to fish. Its catch records have set it apart from Icelandic salmon rivers for decades. This quiet and somewhat humble beauty has not ceased to amaze anglers with gigantic runs of salmon and catch statistics that would make proud any salmon river many times the size of Laxá in Ásum. In this fact lies the reason why Laxá in Ásum is by most considered Iceland’s premier salmon river. Dedicated anglers, royals and celebrities alike from all over the world return here year after year to enjoy remarkable fishing, a peaceful time and the unique connection to nature. Only two rods fish Ásum so it is very private. You can fish for days without ever seeing or meeting another person.

Laxá in Ásum originates in lake Laxárvatn in North Iceland. It runs some 14 kilometers to the estuary of the river at Húnaflói, gently winding itself through the green countryside of Húnavatnssysla. On route it passes by two other lakes and the additional freshwater contributes to the excellent living conditions it provides the fish. Laxá in Ásum is a fairly small and a very clear river, from five to ten meters wide and in many areas there is little reason to wade. The river is especially well suited for riffle hitch and micro tubes.

Earliest documentation on fishing in Laxá in Ásum is from the early 13th century and from the beginning the river is noted for abundance of fish. So much that through the centuries serious conflicts regularly arose over fishing rights. Since 1940 nets have been banned and Laxá in Ásum serves fly fishing anglers only.

photographer: matt harris


In the 2012 season we operated out of our new lodge, situated some 100 meters from one of the best pools in the river, Krókhylur. The new lodge replaces the old one which has served fishermen at the river for decades in its rustic simplicity. The lodge has 4 premier ensuite guest rooms, a spacious dining & living room, a closed-off kitchen and good facilities for waders and fishing gear. And not to forget, a jacuzzi on the patio. This first class lodging provides a warm and charming environment for anglers to relax and enjoy themselves at the end of a good fishing day.

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