Fishing Day Tour in Iceland – Our fishing season starts on April 1st here in Iceland. That´s when Icelandic anglers wipe the dust of their fly and spinning rods and go fishing. First few weeks of fishing in Iceland is all about Brown Trout, Sea Trout and Arctic Char. The sea trout goes back to the sea in April and May and comes back in August.

Fishing in April can very often be great. Weather can be unpredictable, but aggressive trout and char makes you forget cold fishing days in the spring. We offer 7-9 hour fishing tours from the Reykjavik area, both for Fly and Spin anglers. For the first 4 weeks of the season we have special offer on those tours: ISK 6.000 discount per angler, or approx.  12,5% discount, in groups of 2-4 anglers.

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