Brown Trout fishing in Iceland – In Iceland we have many of the better Brown trout rivers you can find in Europe. While total number of salmon rivers in Iceland are over 100, total number of brown trout and arctic char rivers are well over 200.  Many Icelandic anglers fish for brown trout and char in Icelandic rivers and lakes. Many rivers are only fished with fly rods, but some rivers are also fished with spin and bait rods. We, at, have access to many of the better rivers and lakes in Iceland and we can help you organize a great trout and char trip to Iceland.

In north Iceland we have many good brown trout rivers, rivers like Reykjadalsa, Myrarkvisl, Upper Laxa and Laxa in Myvatnssveit. It is easy to spend weeks up in north Iceland, fishing for great looking trout and some char.  In south Iceland we have also many good Brown trout rivers, rivers like Minnivallalaekur, Galtalaekur, Kaldakvisl and Tungnaa. When you are planning a trip to Iceland, it is good to have in mind that our International Airport is located in south-west Iceland. It is easy to spend 4-6 days in south Iceland, but if you want to fish for more days you should also fish up north.

Best time for sea trout fishing here in Iceland is in April and from middle of August to early October. Many of the better sea trout rivers we have in Iceland, is located in south Iceland. Rivers like Varma, Tungulaekur, Tungufljot, Geirlandsa and Vatnamotin are located on the south coast.

If you are thinking about a trip to Iceland, we offer brown trout fishing tours, day tours, both from the Reykjavik area and also from Akureyri, biggest town in north Iceland. Our day tours are both for fly anglers and spin and bait anglers. If you want to fish for few days here in Iceland, we can help you organize the trip according to your budget and preference.

Brown Trout fishing in Iceland is getting more and more popular for international anglers. Many of them come to Iceland to try to catch the big brown trout, that can be as big as 20-25 pound. Most brown trout rivers hold fish as big as 6-9 pounds, that would be considered a very big fish in most countries.

Many anglers come to Iceland to Dry Fly Fish for Brown Trout. We have few very good rivers, perfect for Dry Fly Fishing. River like Reykjadalsa, Upper Laxa and Minnivallalaekur are by many anglers called “Dry Fly heaven” – and the best period for dry fly fishing is from late June to mid August.

If you want more information about options for brown trout fishing here in Iceland, please contact us.