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River and lake permits in Iceland

If you are on your way to Iceland, we can help you find a permit/licence to fish in any river or Lake in Iceland. Salmon permits, trout permits and Char permits. Anglers.is is one of the largest independent seller of fishing permits in Iceland today. We can help you find what you are looking

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Sea angling tours in Iceland

Sea angling tours in Iceland We do not only offer day tours to rivers and lakes in Iceland. We offer also sea angling tours that are suitable for everybody. Both experienced anglers and beginners will like this tour. The duration of our tours are usually 3-4 hours and the size of the groups are from

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Salmon fishing in Iceland – River Nordura in 2017

Salmon Fishing in Iceland - Now when winter is coming over us here in Iceland, we are thinking about next fishing season. We are getting lot of messages from anglers all over the world that are also thinking about fishing opportunities in 2017. For those who are looking for a great salmon option we have

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Fishing trips, Day tours in Iceland

Fishing trips, Day tours in Iceland

If you are on your way to Iceland as a tourist, coming over here to enjoy all the best that Iceland have to offer, you should definitely go fishing for a day. We at anglers.is offer guided fishing tour to many lakes and rivers in Iceland. We offer one day tours or longer tours. Our tours are great for both those who are experienced anglers and those who are beginners. Our fishing trips are for those you like to fly fish, go spin fishing or bait fishing.

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