Project Description

Skjalfandafljot River

Location: North East Iceland (479 km from Reykjavik)
Fishing season: June 18th to 15th of September
Prime time: July 10th to August 20th
Average size of fish: 9 lbs. – although the river is known for big salmon up to 20 lbs
Guide: Can be arranged.

Lodge: No lodge. Hotel, Bed and breakfast or Summerhouse can be arranged.

Tackle: Double handed rods 12-15”, weight 9-11, floating line with sink tip, intermediate or sink lines

Skjalfandafljot River has been one of the unknown secrets of Icelandic salmon and trout fishing in recent years. Located in the North of Iceland, about 50 km from capital of North Iceland Akureyri and 35km from town Húsavik, it is in the heart of big salmon area of Iceland.

The river is the fourth largest in Iceland and originates from one of Iceland’s glaciers Vatnajökull, which is the largest one in Europe. The nature around Skjaflandafljot is very extreme and beautiful. This river is not for the relaxed anglers as it will test your skill and form while you are fishing. The fishing areas can be dangerous so we at Lax-a will recommend anglers to have a guide with them and go around the river with caution.

The average catch statistics for last five years is very good with the average around 500 salmon caught on only six rods.Trout fishing is also very good on the river with catches up to 1000 some years. The salmon part of the river will be split up into three parts all with two rods per beat. The river is quiet long and also offer the a