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Sela River

Location: About 650 km east from Reykjavik
Fishing season: 25th of June – 25th of September.
Number of rods: 4-9.
Note: All Salmon over 69cm is released.

Sela in Vopnafirdi is without a doubt the most spectacular salmon river in Iceland. It is not only a river it is The River. Your own dreams could not even manage to make up more perfect fly fishing river. Situated in Vopnafirdi on the East coast of Iceland, like a couple of Iceland best salmon rivers. If you want to fish Sela you will have to get in line and the line is long and picky. Not everybody can fish Sela which of course makes it even more desirable to fish it.

Sela origin is in Selarbotn south of Botnfjallagardi and runs from there 55km to the ocean. It’s been open to Salmon 28km or up to Efri Foss pool, but with the new Salmon ladder opened in 2010, the Salmon has now up to 45km of river.

The last few years the river has been producing 2000 – 2700 Salmon a year.

Sela is one of the greatest salmon river in Iceland if not the world. In a normal season, plenty of Multi Winter salmon are caught, but the river is also designed for riffle hitch and small flies stripped at full speed. Because of its reclusive stature it is the dream of most Icelandic anglers just to try Sela for one or two day and experience fishing Sela.

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