//Sea angling tour from Reykjavik area

Sea angling tour from Reykjavik area

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Sea angling in Iceland

Sea angling in the Reykjavik area:

We offer 3 to 4 hour tours from the town of Keflavik, 30 minutes from Reykjavik and only 5 minutes from the Airport area. Sea angling tours for everybody, experienced anglers and beginners. Our tours are for private groups of 1-8 people. Two prices, one for group of 1-4 anglers and another for groups of 5-8 anglers. The most common fish we catch on our tours are Cod, Catfish, Haddock and Mackerel. We start our tours between 8 and 9 am, contact us for more info.
Just contact us of more info about longer tours and private tours.



Sea angling in Iceland

This Private tour is a must do for both first timers and experienced fishermen alike. Just breathing in the fresh air, being out in the open ocean and catching your first catch of the day make this an experience you will never forget.

One of our expert guides will meet you on board one of our smaller vessels, docked at the floating pier in front of the Whale Watching Centre at the small harbour in town Keflavik . We will take you to the best fishing grounds the bay offers, teach you all the best techniques while sharing our experience and personal insights. On board you’ll get all the fishing equipment you need.

The most commonly caught fish is Catfish, Cod, Haddock, Mackerel and Pollock and of course, you can keep what you catch



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