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Vídidalsá River

Location: North West of Iceland, about 230 km from Reykjavik.
Fishing season: June 24th to September 24th
Prime time: July 10th to August 25th
Average size of fish: 9 lbs – All salmon over 70 cm must be realeased.
Guide: One for every two rods
Tackle: Single and double handed rods 9-10″ and 13-15″. Weight 7-10

Fishing hours:
June 24th –August 20th 07:00-13:00 & 16:00-22:00
August 20th – September 24th 07:00-13:00 & 15:00-21:00

Vídidalsá River is one of Island´s classic rivers with perfect fly water and a reputation for producing exeptionally large salmon. It is located about 230 km from Reykjavík and is fished with only 8 rods.

Víðidalsá is a medium to large size river with pools averaging 20 to 30 m in width.

Best flies: The water temperature is quite steady in Víðidalsá from early summer until late September, so the same selection of flies goes for the whole season. When temperature drops in September, the angler would do well to bring heavier tubes/flies. The best flies are:

  • Hitch tubes and micro-hitch
  • Black & Red Frances (micro-cones and flies, sizes 14 – 20)
  • Colburn special (sizes 12 – 18)
  • Collie Dog
  • Green Butt (micro-cones and flies, sizes 14 – 20)
  • Green Brahan (micro-cones and flies, sizes 14 – 20)
  • Black & Blue (micro-cones and flies, sizes 14 – 20)

Lodge: Full service lodge, Twin room with bathroom to each rod, living room, dining room, bar and sauna, wader drying room. Jacuzzi on veranda.

Contact info

Tel: +354 897 3443