Project Description

Vatnsdalsa River

Location: North, appr. 250 km from Reykjavik.
Rods: 7 in salmon beats
Average catch pr. year: From 1990-2012 on average 815 salmon has been caught in Vatnsdalsá.
Season: June 18. – september 20.
Note: Full catch & release

About the river

Since 1997 the major salmon beats of the Vatnsdalsá has been fished by fly only, and all fish will as a rule be returned to the river. This policy of catch and release will add to the spawning escapement, and consequently the total run of salmon in the years to come, make the ratio between salmon and grilse more favorable, and further increase and stabilize the catch. At no time during the three-month season will any worm fishing be allowed. This arrangement is in accordance with the guiding principles of the leaseholder, Pétur Pétursson, of Reykjavík.

A famous angler and angling writer from North America, Roderick Haig- Brown, fished the Vatnsdalsá, and wrote about his experience in the “American Sportsman”. He says toward the end of his long article that when he is asked about the fishing in Iceland the only sensible answer he can give is that he wouldn’t want it any better. And he adds that he saw the rise of every single fish he hooked, this to him being the ultimate in quality fishing.

The famous English angler and angling author, John Ashley-Cooper first visited Vatnsdalur in 1962 and in his book, “A Salmon Fisher’s Odyssey”, he tells the story of his first weeks on the Vatnsdalsá. He fished it for a fortnight, and one of his two fishing companions caught 17 salmon in one day before lunch, The other one, a skilful trout fisherman, but with only two salmon to his name, accounted for 50 during that two week period. The total bag was 256 fish.

In his book Ashley-Cooper says the fishing on the Vatnsdalsá was magnificent, the salmon averaged 11 lb, and the biggest during his tenure was 26 lb. The grilse averaged 7 lb. He says things were never as good as in 1962, but that sometimes they came pretty close to it.

Many other famous anglers and conservationists have fished the Vatndalsá, and continue to fish it. Approximately half of the fish caught weigh in excess of 10 lb, i. e. have spent two or more years in the sea before returning to the river. And every year salmon in the 22 to 25 lb. range are caught.

The Lodge

The lodge, Flóðvangur, was built in 1964. That year the English angler and angling author, John Ashley-Cooper signed a ten-year lease, which was later extended for another three years. The lodge is located at the west side of the Lake Flóðið.

By fall 2003 reconstruction of the lodge was started together with improvements of the old lodge. This would transform the whole facilities for both the anglers and staff. The work was completed in Mai 2004.

The new lodge is immensely magnificent and the facilities is outstanding. When taking a break from fishing one can enjoy the relaxation of steaming bath and the hot tub. Surrounding the lodge one can also take a few moments at the 4 golf holes.

Contact info

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