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Nordfjardara River

Location: East coast of Iceland.
About the river: Mainly Sea run Arctic Char but also salmon
Rods: This river is fished with 3 rods.
Average catch pr. year: 750 char and 35 salmon
Season: Mid June – late september
Lodge: No lodge, but lot of accommodation in the area.
Tackle: Single handed rods sizes 3 – 6 are preferred.

For many years, River Nordfjardara have been one of the best arctic char river in Iceland. Average catch have been rising and the last two years have been record years at the River. Over 1.100 char has been caught, each year.

Nordfjardara river is divided into 3 beats and it has over 20 market pools. The first 2-3 weeks of the season, the best pools are in the lower section of the river but after the 10th of July, char can be found in nearly every pool in the river. The average size of a Char in Nordfjardara river is close to 1 kg but many char in the range of 2 – 3 kg. is caught every season.

Nordfjardara river is ideal for single handed rods, sizes 3-6 is preferred. Fished with either streamers or Nymps. The river is perfect for upstream nymphing with small midge patterns or dry fly.

Over the years a smolt releasing programme has been in operation on Breiddalsa, but natural stock of the river has also been on the way up due to habitat improvement and increased spawning. And we have for the programme used mostly MSW salmon, pairing together big fish hoping that the MSW genes will dominate. It seems to be working as over the last few seasons the river has gained a reputation for producing large fish on a regular basis. The 2010 season saw several 20 lb+ fish landed, most of which were retained and used as broodstock. Last season was the same, the river sported one of the countries highest average weights.

Most of the anglers that visit the river don‘t just come to Breiddalsa for the fishing. All this takes place in a valley of stunning beauty, which is hemmed in by lofty, craggy mountains. The river is very beautiful and versatile with different pools and characteristics so anglers need to adapt their style of fishing in almost every pool.

The average catch in Breiddalsa last 11 years are 510 salmons but the average has been in a steady rise. Last four years the average is close to 900 salmons with 2010 as a record year 1178 salmons were caught. The fishing lodge in Breiddalsa is without a doubt one of the best if not the best in Iceland. Its spectacular beauty leaves you to wonder why not all the lodges are like this. The atmosphere is very relaxed and all accommodations first class.

Map of the river.

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