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Hvolsa and Stadarholsa

Location:  Approx 180 km north of Reykjavik
Season: 1 july – 30 September
Prime time: 15 July – 25 August
Extent: Both Rivers, and the lagoon they run into. Approx 18 km of fishing area
Average catch: Between 200 and 350 salmon and 250-500 arctic char.
Rods: 4
Lodge: Very good self catering lodge.

About the rivers

Hvolsa and Stadarholsa are very good rivers that come together in a Lagoon, shortly before they run into the sea. During high tide, The Lagoon and the lowest part of the rivers rise as a result of sea water running into the Lagoon. Fishing is often great in the early season in the Lagoon and also in dry summers. Hvolsa and Stadarholsa are fished with Fly and Worm.

The length of the Hvolsa and Stadarholsa rivers is close to 18km and fished with 4 rods. River Hvolsa is approx 8 km long, from the junction of river Brekkudalsa and Svinadalsa, and down to the sea. River Stadarholsa is fishable approx 7,5KM, from the sea and up to a waterfall the salmon can not go up.

Anglers stay at a very good self catering lodge that has 6 rooms, big living room, good kitchen, barbecue and more.

In Recent years the catch at these Rivers have usually been between 200 and 350 salmon and 200 and 500 Arctic char.

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