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Hofsá River

Hofsa River

Location: About 600 km east from Reykjavik.
The river: Hofsa is fishable about 30 kilometers and is only fished with seven rods so there is plenty of space for anglers. There are 80 marked pools and one rod fished each beat. One of the best thing about Hofsa is that is has very dependable water level, like most of the rivers on the east coast..
Fishing season: 25th of June – 25th of September.
Number of rods: 7.
Lodge: Full service.
Note: All Salmon over 69cm is released.

Hofsa river is one of the “big” northeast rivers and one of the two major Vopnafjordur rivers, the other being Sela. Hofsa river has different characteristics to Sela. It has a long canyon on the top beats, a dramatic impassable falls and a string of challenging pools as the river thunders down the canyon. But once the canyon ends, the river turns into an almost endless string of long slow flowing pools, each one seeming more enticing and inviting than the last one!

About the river

Indeed, the Hofsa river is yet another glorious northern Iceland salmon river and, again like the Selá, is blessed with the most beautiful fly-fishing water. It is one of Iceland´s most prolific rivers, has seven beats and is perfect for a single or double –handed rods. Salmon can run 30 kilometers up to a large waterfall. The river follows strict conservation measures and produces plenty of fish in the 20-lbs range.
Sport fishing in Iceland was developed by traditional British anglers who were soon followed by American sport fishers. For many years the Hofsá has been a river enjoyed by royals, lords and dignitaries from across the world.

The average catch in Hofsa since 1974 is over 1100 salmons. The catch in Hofsa is very even. It does not fluctuate much although there are years were over 2000 salmons are caught.

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