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Project Description

Haukadalsa River

Location: West, 150 km from Reykjavik.
Season: The season runs from 10th June to 15th September in 2013, with the best weeks generally falling between early July and end of August.
Rods: 5
Catch statistic: 11 year average, 722 salmon.
Notes: Fly only.

Haukadalsa flows into Breidafjord and is surrounded by a number of great salmon rivers. The river is medium sized and has an excellent average catch per rod. Only 5 rods fish Haukadalsa over 8 kilometers but there are over 40 marked pools in which salmon are plentiful.

About the River

The Haukadalsá is fished with five rods on five beats. The 11 year average for the river (2001-2011) is 722 salmon caught. That makes it over 1,6 salmon per rod per day! Our 5 year average (2007-2011) is 922 fish caught witch boils down to just over 2 salmon a day per rod fishing.

Each beat is fished by a single angler at one time. Beat locations are set to a half-day rotation, allowing each fisher at least one morning and one evening per week at each pool. Four of the beats are within easy walking distance from the lodge and a 4WD vehicle will be available for transportation to and from the lower beat.

Beat five (pools 40-34) starts where the river falls out of the lake, Haukadalsvatn, to and with the famous pool Blóti. This beat can be very productive with great pools like upper and lower Brigderun, The Corner and Blóti. The sidestream Þverá flows into the Haukadalsá on this top beat.

Beat four (pools 34-27) is a fly fisherman’s dream. Fast shallow water provide the perfect conditions for light tackle and the riffle hitch. Pools like Kvörnin, Upper and Lower Svörtuloft and the early season favorite Eggert will not disappoint. Beat four is easily walked from the lodge and is a favorite with many fishermen.

Beat three (pools 26-19) runs in big spectacular pools fished from a low gravel bank into a high cliff. This beat holds some of the most beautiful fishing water in the whole river. This beat is the most challenging to a fisherman, rough fast water in the top of the pools can make for easy pickings but the calm deep water in the back can really test your skills.

Beat two (pools 18-10) has many beautiful pools but the best of the bunch are Lalli and Long Strong. The beat is very diverse and some of the pools can change from one year to the next.

Beat one (pools 9-1) has beautiful grassbank pools, cliff wall pools, gravel pools and a seapool. This calls for varied fishing styles for each pool. Deep holding pools like Gálghamar and the three Bakkaflót pools can hold fish all season long while the Seapool can be wild when the fish are running. On this beat you also have a very good chance of catching an arctic char.

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