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Gljúfurá River

Location: 240km north of Reykjavik.
Season: 1 July – 20 September.
Prime time: Late July – late August.
Extent: 17 km long, double bank, 26 pools.
Average catch: 5 year, 110 Salmon. (2007-2011) Number of Charr
Rods: 2.
Guides: Available.
Lodge: Self catering. Full service is available, upon request.
Notes: Fly only and catch & release.

Gljufura river is a rather small river but a keen favorite of many who like to have their river to themselves. It is a neighbor of many of the elite rivers in Iceland, but yet Gljufura has long had a low profile. Probably due to the fact that its clients do not wish to give to much coverage and outward attention.

Most of the river is in variously deep canyons. There are two fish ladders in the river, both around the main highway. Salmon may often be seen piling up in the huge pool beneath to lower ladder, as there is a great vantage point at the top of a cliff overlooking the pool. Hereabouts the river is till in canyons and there are serveral lesser falls as the river winds on down to the plain. Down there, close to the estuary to the huge lake Hopið, you will find the excellent self catering lodge.

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