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Brunna River

Location: North-east Iceland. appr. 2 hours from Akureyri.
About the river: Although Brunna River is mainly known for sea run Arctic char, both number of Brown trout and sea trout is caught in the river every summer. The river is Fly only and has a catch release policy.
Rods: 3
Average catch pr. year: Approx. 400 fish.
Season: April 1. – September 20th
The lodge: The fishing lodge accommodates 6-8 persons and truly a nice and relaxing fishing and hunting lodge.

Brunna river

Brunná in Oxarfjordur is a gin clear char and sea trout river on the north east coast of Iceland The number of rods allowed in the river are three. The river is a fly fishing river only. Brunná flows through a wonderful surroundings, offering areas of unique beauty and diversity. The river flows through brushwood country and at its lower reaches it combines with a branch of the glacier river Jokulsá, creating the much sought after visible line of clear and mud-colored water.

Spring fishing at Brunna is mostly down in the lower part of the river.

The angling season for Brunná begins in April with the sea run and brown trout as the main catch. From thew middle of June to the end of season (October) the arctic char and brown trout is for the most parts the main catch. The sea run char starts its journey up Brunna in early June. Sea run trout shows up at their traditional time, towards the end of August. It is believed by the locals that the sea run trout in Brunná shows up when the mountain tops have turned white, the clear indication of changing temperature.

The surrounding area of the Brunná is unforgettable. The gin clear river holds many beautiful fishing spots. Brunná river stands apart from other rivers in the region for the fact that it runs crystal clear most all of its way to sea until it meats a branch from the river Jokulsa carrying its gray colored glacier sludge. Walking distance from the fishing lodge is a traveling service area called Lundur. Not far away is also a small grocery shop. In the Lundur area one can also find a geothermal outdoor swimming pool.

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