Project Description

Lake Laugarvatn and Holaa River

Fishing in Iceland in 2018

Season: April 1. – .Sept 30th
Rods: No limit
Species: Arctic char & Brown trout
Lodge: No lodge
Location: Approx. 90 km east of Reykjavik
Notes: Fly fishing, worm and Spinning is alowed

Holaa river – Lake Laugarvatn is a combined fishery situated in the southern part of Iceland, approximately a one-hour drive east of Reykjavík, midway betweenThingvellir National Park and the Geysir – Gullfoss area.

About the area

Laugarvatn is located in the south of Iceland, approx. 60 mins drive from Reykjavik. The lake is neither large nor deep but it holds a great number of Arctic char and Brown trout. Right next to Laugarvatn is another lake that is much bigger but equally shallow called Apavatn. Apavatn has more brown trout but these two lakes are joined by the river Holaa.

The Holaa river flows into the Apavatn but then almost straight back out to the river Bruara and then to the sea. This makes an open passage for sea run species such as salmon, sea trout and sea char to run all the way up to Laugarvatn lake through Holaa river. This is not very common but in the mouth of the tail-water of Holaa there have been big salmon and trout caught as well as char.

The Laugarvatn lake is very productive in the spring especially and also very popular by the local anglers. The char are strong and willing in the early season but as the season progresses they are not as willing to take the anglers flies in the lake. As the temperatures go up they seek the cooler water of the tail-water and in July