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River Nordura

Location: Norðurá-river is located on the west coast, only an hour’s drive from Reykjavík, the capital of Iceland, and about one hour and forty five minutes drive from Keflavík International airport. The Norðurá-river is one of the finest salmon rivers in Iceland with recent annual catch well over 2.000 salmons. In 2013 ovar 3.300 salmon was caught in the river.

Season: 5. of June – 9. of Sept
Rods: 8-12
Lodge: Full Service
Av. Salmon Catch: 1.800-2.000

The Norðurá-river has over 150 named fishing pools, and offers an incredibly diverse fishing experience, along with some of the most dramatic scenery. It is often called “the most beautiful river” in Iceland. The upper part is rather flat, the river bottom being mostly gravel. The middle section, up and down from the beautiful waterfall Glanni, is predominated by rocks and lava mixed with bushes and trees and green grass flats. In the lowest part, below the Laxfoss waterfall, the river runs through wide canyons and there you can find many of the most magnificent fishing pools in the river – that are perfect fly pools. It is easily fished with a two handed rod in early season, but as the water drops in July and the fish numbers start increasing dramatically it is perfect for a single hander and the hitch.

The Rjúpnahæð Lodge on Norðurá-river accommodates twelve fishermen in twin-bedded rooms with private shower and toilet facilities. The fishing lodge is one of the best in Iceland, beautifully located with good view over the river. The view from the lodge to the north, to Laxfoss and the mountains on the horizon, is renowned. The lodge is equipped with a sauna bath, drying room for your waders and fishing jackets and cooling area for the fish. The service and food at the lodge are of top quality.

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Tel: +354 897 3443