Sunday 24 May 2015
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    River Svalbardsa

    Catch & Release

  • 102cm 11,58 Kg Ur Breiddalsa Neðsta Eyjakrók Edited 1
    River Breiddalsa

    102 cm salmon caught in july 2012

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    Brunna River

    Arctic Char

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    River Sela

IMG 1385Now we are all ready 3 weeks into the 2015 angling season here in Iceland. In April anglers are specially aiming for sea trout, brown trout and local char. Rivers like Varma and tungulaekur have been very good. Weather have been rather cold and that have affected the start of some river. 2 days ago, fishing started at lake thingvellir. Anglers have been catching brown trout in sizes from 2-8kg. and we will for sure, see some that is over 10 kg.


MinniNils8In just one week on 1st of April, 2015 angling season is starting here in Iceland. that day, many Brown trout, sea trout and Char rivers opens. two of those rivers are River Varma and River Minnivallalaekur, 2 great trout rivers. Both are within 1 hour drive from Reykjavik. Fishing in those rivers tends to be good, more or less, through out the season. Here you can find more info about river Varma and here is river Minnivallalaekur. Both rivers are great fly fishing rivers, great from rods for lines #3-6. See more pics below.


Salmon fishing in icelandHere in Iceland we have well over 100 salmon rivers. Some of them are small and privately owned, and only fished by their owners. Permits for other rivers are sold to who ever wants to fish in them. Limited nr. of rods are allowed in each rivers. In the smallest rivers, only 1 or 2 rods are allowed pr. day, but in the largest rivers up to 20 rods are allowed. Smaller rivers usually have self caterings lodges but at the larger one, full service lodges are very often included.


10300516 1489514404594323 7862802451797942055 NWest Ranga have proved it self as one of the best Salmon river in Iceland. But it is not only a great salmon river, it is also a brilliant trout river. Upper part of River West Ranga have a great number of large and small brown Trout. Through out the years this area have not been fished very much but now anglers have the chance to experience this great area. Lower part of the river holds also number of big char. See pictures below. 


BleikjaRiver Gljufura in north-west Iceland is a average sized salmon and Char river. Gljufura is only fished with 2 rods each day and it is a great fly fishing river. Early season, from mid June until July 20th, Gljufura is sold as a Char river and only the lower part of the river is fished. In late June, Sea run Arctic Char starts to enter the river but it stays mainly in the eastuary, where the river runs in to the lake Hopid.

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