Friday 19 Dec 2014
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    River Svalbardsa

    Catch & Release

  • 102cm 11,58 Kg Ur Breiddalsa Neðsta Eyjakrók Edited 1
    River Breiddalsa

    102 cm salmon caught in july 2012

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    Brunna River

    Arctic Char

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    River Sela

BleikjaRiver Gljufura in north-west Iceland is a average sized salmon and Char river. Gljufura is only fished with 2 rods each day and it is a great fly fishing river. Early season, from mid June until July 20th, Gljufura is sold as a Char river and only the lower part of the river is fished. In late June, Sea run Arctic Char starts to enter the river but it stays mainly in the eastuary, where the river runs in to the lake Hopid.


Salmon fishing west Ranga IcelandWest Ranga river is for sure, one of the best salmon river in Iceland. Last 9 years, average number of salmon caught in West Ranga pr. season is close to 6.600. Next summer, West Ranga is Fly only from beginning of the season, 26th of june, until 6th of september. West Ranga have a full service lodge operating from 6th of July until 21st of September. Price for a fishing permit for one day at West Ranga river range from Eur 190 for one rod. 2 Anglers can share one rod. 


River Laxa in IcelandLaxa in Refasveit is a 3 rod salmon river in North-West Iceland. Laxa is a medium sized river, with close to 15 km of fishable path. Alhough the salmon season, over all here in Iceland, was not a good one, the season at river Laxa was quite good. It was below average but high number of big salmon, salmon larger than 3kg. made up for lack of salmon. Booking have started for 2015 season and now there are only very few days available. For those who are interested in fishing in River Laxa in Refasveit, see more info here.


Big Brown trout River Svarta in IcelandRiver Svarta in Skagafjordur is a 4 - 6 rod brown trout river in Iceland. Svarta is a fly only river.  Svarta´s season range from 1st of June to September 15th. this season was very good at Svarta river, probably the best in recent years. Many trout was caught, both small and big. the biggest trout was about 70 cm and many trout was from 55-65 cm. Here below are few pics from a day at River Svart in the middle of August. Angler name is Nikolai Prietl. River Svarta is a very good option for those who wanto come to Iceland to fly fish for trout.


Brown trout Lake thingvellir IcelandIf you are planning a fishing trip to Iceland, there is one area you should definitely consider add to your trip, and that is Lake thingvallavatn. In Lake thingvallavatn lives three of the five species of freshwater fish found in Iceland: brown trout, Arctic charr and the three-spine stickleback. All though fighting the powerfull Arctic Char is great fun it is the brown trout that most anglers come for.

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