Thursday 23 Oct 2014
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  • River Svalbardsa

    Catch & Release

  • River Breiddalsa

    102 cm salmon caught in july 2012

  • Brunna River

    Arctic Char

  • River Sela
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Breiddalsa River Location: About 600 kilometers east of Reykjavik an hour from Egilstadir the... Read more
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Laxa in Adaldal River Laxa in Adaldal River or "Big Laxa", as it is also called, is Located in... Read more
Sela River Sela in Vopnafirdi is without a doubt the most spectacular salmon river in... Read more
Grimsa River The Grimsa is a medium-sized river in the midwest region of Borgarfjordur,... Read more
Hafralonsa River Location: North-east. 700 km from Reykjavik and 250 km from AkureyriAbout the... Read more
Thverá/Kjarrá River Thverá/Kjarrá is one of the greatest salmon rivers on the west part of... Read more
Hofsá River Hofsa is one of the “big” northeast rivers and one of the two major... Read more
Laxa in Refasveit River Location: North-west. 200 km from Reykjavik.About the river: Mainly salmon... Read more
Fljotaa River Location: North. 400 km from Reykjavik.About the river: Both salmon and... Read more
Svalbardsa River Svalbardsa is in the very north-east corner of Iceland in some of the most... Read more
Hrutafjardara River Hrutafjardara river is an excellent 3 rod river in the north of Iceland known... Read more
Jokla River Jökla is a thrilling and complex blend between an experiment and reality. In... Read more
River Nordura The Norðurá-river has over 150 named fishing pools, and offers an incredibly... Read more
Laxa in Kjos River The Laxa in Kjos is the centerpiece of one of the most stunning... Read more
East Ranga river With increasing knowledge and practice of conservation managament, East Rangá... Read more
Gljúfurá River Gljufura river is a rather small river but a keen favorite of many who like... Read more
Laxa in Ásum River Laxá in Ásum is a true jewel in the North Atlantic crown of great salmon... Read more
Vatnsa River Location: South coast. 195km east of Reykjavik.Season: July 25. - October... Read more
Holsa and Thvera Location: Hvolsvollur, 105km east of Reykjavik Season: 15 June - 20... Read more
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Krossa River Location: 218 km. from Reykjavik.Season: 1 July - 25 September.Prime time:... Read more
Vídidalsá River Vídidalsá River is one of Island´s classic rivers with perfect fly water and... Read more
Nordlingafljot River Nordlingafljot has its source at the roots of the glacier Langjökull in aria... Read more
River Midfjardara Midfjardara, known in Iceland as The Queen of the Rivers, this stunning river... Read more
Ulfarsa (Korpa) Ulfarsa (Korpa) is a small but prolific salmon river close by Reykjavik. It... Read more
Straumfjardara River Straumfjardara is a salmon river located on the Snaefellsnes peninsula in the... Read more
Vesturdalsa River Location: East. Vopnafjordur area. Season: July 1 - September 15.Prime... Read more

Laxa in Refasveit is a 3 rod salmon river in North-West Iceland. Laxa is a medium sized river, with close to 15 km of fishable path. Alhough the salmon season, over all here in Iceland, was not a good one, the season at river Laxa was quite good. It was below average but high number of big salmon, salmon larger than 3kg. made up for lack of salmon. Booking have started for 2015 season and now there are only very few days available. For those who are interested in fishing in River Laxa in Refasveit, see more info here.


River Svarta in Skagafjordur is a 4 - 6 rod brown trout river in Iceland. Svarta is a fly only river.  Svarta´s season range from 1st of June to September 15th. this season was very good at Svarta river, probably the best in recent years. Many trout was caught, both small and big. the biggest trout was about 70 cm and many trout was from 55-65 cm. Here below are few pics from a day at River Svart in the middle of August. Angler name is Nikolai Prietl. River Svarta is a very good option for those who wanto come to Iceland to fly fish for trout.


If you are planning a fishing trip to Iceland, there is one area you should definitely consider add to your trip, and that is Lake thingvallavatn. In Lake thingvallavatn there lives three of the five species of freshwater fish found in Iceland: brown trout, Arctic charr and the three-spine stickleback. All though fighting the powerfull Arctic Char is great fun it is the brown trout that most anglers come for.


Although 2014 is not all over yet, we have allready started to book permits and trips for next season, 2015. To be sure of getting permits to the best salmon and trout rivers in Iceland 2015, you should plan ahead and start preparing your trip. We can help you organize your fishing trip to Iceland next season. just send us email; This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. - 

Here you can see few pictures from this summer,


In 10 days the 2014 salmon season will start here in Iceland. Last summer was great and we are looking forward to next few months. To warm up for the summer we will take alook at few pictures from last summer. If you are interested to go salmon fishing in Iceland, just send us an email; This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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