Wednesday 02 Sep 2015
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    River Svalbardsa

    Catch & Release

  • 102cm 11,58 Kg Ur Breiddalsa Neðsta Eyjakrók Edited 1
    River Breiddalsa

    102 cm salmon caught in july 2012

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    Brunna River

    Arctic Char

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    River Sela

11813321 10206902860470987 1994711544204717628 NWe are now at the second half of the angling season here in Iceland, and until now, this season have been great. Salmon fishing have been very good and some rivers are having one of their best season. Brown trout and arctic Char fishing have also been very good and some amazing fish been caught. Booking have now started for 2016. Just send us an email and we will help you choose rivers and lakes for the next season. Here below are few pics from this season here in Iceland.


Written by Kristinn. Posted in News

Nordura 1River Nordura is one of the best salmon rivers in Iceland with over 2.000 salmon caught on average, during the 100 day season. this season have been very good at River Nordura. All ready, close to 700 salmon have been caught and the best days are yet to come. Last morning, over 50 salmon were caught at the River. We have still some opening at river Nordura for August and if you want to come to Iceland next season to fish river Nordura or any other river here in Iceland, just send us an email or call us.


11040625 1653169801562115 9199563105912393248 NFirst day of the salmon season in West Ranga in Iceland was today. In total, 35 salmon was caught and is that a record for first day of a season. West Ranga is Fly only until beginning of Sept. Most of the salmon that was caught was in the size from 72-82 cm. Biggest salmon was 92 cm. If you want to come to Iceland to fish in West Ranga, we have still few rods available. Just send us an email. Here are few pics from the opening day.


Brown trout - River MinniFishing season is well on it´s way here in Iceland. First salmon rivers opend last week and finally summer have arrived. Many anglers comes from abroad to Iceland each summer to fish for Brown trout, char and salmon. Last week, 3 anglers from Switzerland came to Iceland to fish for Brown trout and Char. Here below we can see few pics from the 4 days they were fishing. they fished river Varma, River Minnivallalaekur and river Svarta. Angler on the pics is Udo Oppliger.


11402700 436718783156951 8494299135092190941 NFirst two of the bigger salmon rivers here in Iceland opened on the 5th of June. those rivers are River Nordura and River Blanda. First day was very good. At river Nordura anglers hooked 24 salmon and caught and released 10 of them. At River Blanda, anglers caught 4 salmon and hooked few more. this beginning is better than many anglers expected and hopefully is a good indicator for the summer season.

We have still some opening for few of the best salmon rivers here in Iceland - rivers like West Ranga, Nordura, Brennan, Straumar. Langa river, Haukdalsa river and river Kjarra. Send a email to for more info.

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