Tuesday 31 May 2016
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870478Now when we are comiing close to the fishing season here in Iceland, there are only few prime time options for salmon fishing available this summer. One of those options are River Hvolsa and Stadarholsa, a very good salmon and arctic char river in west Iceland. this fishing area is a combination of 2 rivers that joines in a lagoon, before running together to the sea. those rivers are fished with 3-4 rods and are a good option for a group of 3-6 anglers. Price for this river is also better then in many salmon rivers here in Iceland.


Lake fishing in IcelandIf you are on your way to Iceland this summer on a vacation, we can take you fishing for a day or two. We offer day tours to many rivers and lakes in south West Iceland, within approx 1 hour driving distance from Reykjavik. We offer also fishing and sightseeing tour and for those who do not have many days to spare here in Iceland, this is the perfect day tour. We stop at 2-3 rivers/lakes over the approx 10 hour tour, and we also take the time to see Geysers, Waterfalls and thingvellir National Par. Here you can read more about those tours.


Iceland Midfjardara2Last year we had one of the best salmon seasons in recent years here in Iceland. Few rivers had their best year ever and few others were close to their best. Although many salmon rivers here in Iceland are Fly only, some rivers allow spin and bait fishing also, sometimes only for part of the season. If you are looking for a salmon river where you can fish with bait or spinner, we can help you out. We have availability at some great rivers. Just send us an email or fill out the contact form and we will send you back some great options. Here below, you can see some pics from the rivers.


2016%20LTG%20Award%20Badge%202We at Anglers.is offer guided day tours to rivers and lakes in south-West Iceland.  We offer tours for salmon, sea trout, brown trout and char fishing. Our tours are suitable for both fly and spin anglers, novices and experienced anglers. This winter our Day tours won the "Luxury Activity of the year 2016 award" at Luxury travel Guide.  We are very proud of this award, not least because we gothem after nominations from our customers.

Here you can read about our daytours and here is a day tour suitable for those who want both fishing and sight seeing.


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DSCN2282Now, in recent weeks, we have received lot of emails from anglers that are interested in coming to Iceland next summer to catch some salmon. Here in Iceland we do have many good salmon rivers. Many of them are fly only, but some do allow fishing with worm and spinner. Even though booking for 2016 have been extremely good, we still have some availability in few of the best salmon rivers in Iceland. Just send us an email and we will send you few good options to take a look at. Here below you can see few pics from last season here in Iceland.

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